Old Patagonia Pottery

Marty Frolick† (724) 301-6864

36 W. Clark St., Hermitage, PA 16148

My friend Marty has been making pottery, one piece at a time, for decades.† There is nothing mass produced about it.† Each pot is unique.


Marty is unique, too.† He does not own a computer, does not email, has no smart phone, etc.† They all take time away from making pottery.


He does have a phone, though, and if you give him a call, heíd love to tell you where heís exhibiting next, or invite you to a private showing.† Heís waiting to hear from you.


†††††††††††††††††† -Rick Gallup



A selection of Old Patagonia Pottery

Can also be found at Gallupís Fine Art in Kirtland, Ohio.

††† Gallupís Fine Art